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24/10/2023   //   No Comments

Webinar recording: Your direct cremation questions answered

What is the future of direct cremation? And how should independent funeral directors respond or modify their businesses in...

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10/08/2023   //   No Comments

Webinar Recording: Guiding the Grief Journey

Each person grieves in their own unique way. How do you ensure you’re giving the most appropriate guidance on...

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04/07/2023   //   No Comments

What does physical and mental fitness mean for funeral professionals?

Are you mentally and physically fit enough to meet the daily challenges facing funeral professionals? Katie Stevenson presented this...

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13/06/2023   //   No Comments

SAIF Webinar: Is the rise in direct cremations affecting your business?

  The pandemic created much change in our society, including the way people work, shop and organise funerals. Massive advertising...

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21/02/2023   //   No Comments

Recorded webinar: How will the Fuller Inquiry affect your funeral business?

How will the Fuller Inquiry affect your funeral business? The much-publicised Fuller Inquiry has two phases to its consultation:...

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06/02/2023   //   No Comments

Recorded webinar: 14th February – Signposting bereaved people

There’s a wealth of online materials for bereaved people. How do you direct families to the most appropriate advice...

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25/10/2022   //   No Comments

Recorded Webinar: Understanding Consumer Vulnerability

Have you prioritised best practice for vulnerable customers? Does your funeral business have a policy and staff guidelines in...

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21/09/2022   //   No Comments

Recorded Webinar: Who has the final say when arranging a funeral?

The legal right to organise a funeral: Who has the final say? As a funeral director, no doubt you’ll...

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11/07/2022   //   No Comments

Recorded webinar: New and improved Quality Assurance – August 2022

  SAIF is delighted to have achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification in June for its new and improved Quality Assurance...

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26/05/2022   //   No Comments

Recorded webinar: Helping families coping with suicide bereavement

Helping families coping with suicide bereavement Suicide is the biggest killer of young people under 35 in the UK. Young suicide...

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