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22 Jan 2019

It might be the busiest time of year for funeral directors, but many still give up their time willingly to help with the running of SAIF - all for the betterment of the profession. Thank you.

21 Jan 2019

SAIF's AGM takes place on March 29-31. Have you booked your place yet?

18 Jan 2019

We're encouraging all our funeral director members with websites to place their prices online, ahead of a discussion this spring on incorporating online pricing into the SAIF Code of Practice.

15 Jan 2019

SAIF Members don't forget: webinar tomorrow at 1pm

15 Jan 2019

The number of deaths in the UK increases significantly in January and February. If you were to experience a bereavement, would you know what to do? We encourage families to plan for unthinkable and there's lots of advice on our website.

9 Jan 2019

If you experience a bereavement this winter and need advice, there's lots of information about what to do when a death occurs on our website.

7 Jan 2019

The SAIF Government Regulatory Task Group is developing a response to the Competition and Market Authority's consultation on its interim report on the funeral profession. We'll be sure to share this with members in the coming days.

31 Dec 2018

Wishing independent funeral directors across the UK a happy New Year. 2019 is going to be a year of change for the funeral profession. We will be there for you.

28 Dec 2018

As an independent funeral director, have you decided on a new year's resolution? Why not make it displaying your prices on your website. Let's make funerals better for bereaved families.

27 Dec 2018

If you're an independent funeral director and you've been called out to help a family over the past two days... thank you. Your work is vital.

24 Dec 2018

The team at SAIF would like to wish all our members a happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. We look forward to representing and supporting you in 2019.

20 Dec 2018

We hope this isn't the case but should you experience a bereavement during the Christmas holiday, the SAIF website will help you locate a caring and professional independent funeral director who will support you every step of the way.

20 Dec 2018

What's best: a direct cremation or a simple funeral? Paul Allcock discusses in his latest blog.

18 Dec 2018

A special task group of the SAIF Executive Committee is developing a response to the Competition and Markets Authority following its recent report on the funeral market. We'll be highlighting how independent funeral directors provide a fair service to bereaved families.

17 Dec 2018

With the #Christmas holiday just days away, we give thanks to independent funeral directors across the land who will give up their family time to help other families experiencing bereavement.

13 Dec 2018

Since the Competition and Markets Authority published its interim report on the UK funeral market, independent funeral directors have been leading a conversation about customer protection. How can we develop discussions on quality of service and price transparency?

29 Nov 2018

Whilst caring and professional independent funeral directors can and should be immensely proud of the work they do, the Competition and Markets Authority's interim report on the funeral market is a wake-up call for the wider profession. Read our response here.

27 Nov 2018

More than 300 funeral homes are offering free bereavement counselling to families, thanks to SAIF Care. If you're an independent funeral director, can you afford not to do this?

26 Nov 2018

How will trade associations support independent #funeral directors in a post-regulation world? Some of the answers are offered in this sage article by Scottish SAIF quality inspector, Joe Murren.

23 Nov 2018

Calling all independent funeral directors: if you have a website, SAIF encourages you to display your prices online as soon as possible to help bereaved families make better choices.