Arranging a funeral

The first step is to choose your funeral director.

All SAIF members are expected to provide a professional service in line with our Code of Practice. To find out more about SAIF members, click here, or to find a SAIF member close to you, click here.

It may be that the deceased will already have chosen their funeral director and have their wishes logged with them.

The SAIF funeral director will then advise you each step of the way, discussing with you all the options and ensuring you are clear as to the costs involved. They are there to support you and guide you on what you need to do and how to go about it.

The funeral director will advise and take care of the deceased, discuss the funeral arrangements and options available to you, deal with all the logistics and paperwork involved, and act as the ‘master of ceremonies’ on the day of the funeral.

Most people prefer the traditional style of funeral. However, increasingly, people are preferring to opt for an alternative style of funeral such as:

  • Religious or secular – again, the choice will be dependent on the individual’s preferences
  • A green funeral – typically where the deceased is buried in a natural area using a coffin made of sustainable materials
  • Themed/personalised funerals – to reflect the way the deceased lived and to bring a unique style to their funeral
  • Woodland burial – where burials take place in dedicated woodland sites

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