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21 Mar 2018

Our Independent funeral directors are often family run and their experience and expertise is passed down from generation to generation. This means they can help you fully understand all the different aspects of the funeral and the options available – allowing you to focus on what’s important: remembering your loved one. Find out more:

15 Mar 2018

If you aren't sure what to do with flowers after the funeral you can consider giving them to family, friends or donate them to a local care home. You man even like to preserve a particular bouquet

15 Mar 2018

SAIF Member Hansfords Funeral Service in Seaton, Devon is now offering clients free bereavement services through SAIF Care.

13 Mar 2018

Organising a funeral can be a very difficult time. For advice and guidance take a look at our funeral advice pages or speak with a local SAIF independent funeral director:

8 Mar 2018

We often find it difficult to have an open conversation about death and our choice of funeral. Making a note of your wishes can be a good place to start and can help provide comfort to your loved ones

21 Feb 2018

Would you start your search for a funeral director online?

16 Feb 2018

We all plan for every major life event from our career, marriage to retirement. So why when it comes to our funeral do so many of us leave it to chance? Recording your funeral wishes can provide a huge source of comfort for family and friends during a difficult time

14 Feb 2018

Coping with your bereavement can be difficult and should you feel that you need help, tell your funeral director who can give you some guidance or advise you on the support that is available:

9 Feb 2018

There are many key decisions to make when arranging a funeral: choice of music and hymns, prayers and poems, flowers and candles and a charity for any donations. Our funeral advice pages help you with some of the other considerations you need to make:

2 Feb 2018

1. Reassurance you are using the very best in the profession 2. All members follow a strict code of practice 3. A compassionate and friendly service Just some of the reasons to use a SAIF independent funeral director. Look out for the SAIF member logo and find out more here:

30 Jan 2018

Coping with bereavement can be difficult and if you feel you need help then tell your funeral director who can give you some guidance or advise you on any support that is available:

18 Jan 2018

All SAIF independent funeral directors can be found through the member search on our website. Take a look here:

12 Jan 2018

It's a good idea to record you funeral wishes for your loved ones. Take a look at our free booklet which highlights some of the most important things to consider:

10 Jan 2018

If you haven't been to a funeral before it can be hard to know what to expect. What happens during the service? What should i wear? What if I can't make it to the funeral? Funeral etiquette has also changed over the years. Our funeral advice pages answer some of the common questions you might have. Take a look here:

10 Jan 2018

An insightful video of young people discussing coping with the loss of a loved one. Take a look...

5 Jan 2018

How do we get society to discuss and prepare appropriately for death? Are enough people actually sitting down and talking about their wishes? Find out more in our recent blog post:

22 Dec 2017

After the funeral, if you have more flowers than you can cope with then you can give them to family members or friends or donate them to a local hospice or care home. Additionally, you may like to preserve a particular bouquet

21 Dec 2017

Carrying on the family tradition is a way of life for many firms deeply committed to upholding professional standards. Click here to find a SAIF independent funeral director near you:

18 Dec 2017

SAIF's Chief Executive reacts to hospice funeral joint venture:

15 Dec 2017

SAIF independent funeral directors are there to help you every step of the way