Webinar recording: Your direct cremation questions answered

Event Date: 31st December 2025

What is the future of direct cremation? And how should independent funeral directors respond or modify their businesses in a changing world?

The answers to these questions and more were covered in a special webinar focusing on unattended funerals on 7th November at 3pm.

Building on SAIF’s successful Direct Cremation Toolkit, which is being adopted by members across the country, the discussion enabled funeral business owners to hone their approach and improve customer engagement.

The presenters also encouraged members to overcome any fears or apathy they might be experiencing towards direct cremation – aiding the adoption of a proactive approach that will ensure independents secure their rightful market share as funerals evolve.

Additionally, the webinar provided an opportunity to share learnings from the Direct Cremation Toolkit and related digital marketing activity.

Expert speakers include:

  • SAIF’s 1st Vice President and key contributor to the Direct Cremation Toolkit Declan Maguire
  • SAIF Past President Helen Wathall, who has successfully incorporated direct cremation into her wider business offering
  • SAIF Chief Executive Terry Tennens, who has led on the independent sector’s response to the rise of direct cremation

Webinar recording:

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