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Mooving On

As an independent funeral director, you’ll know from first-hand experience the importance of saying goodbye. 

Whether it’s a comforting hug, listening to a favourite song, or reflecting on the impassioned words of a bereaved son or daughter, coming together to remember matters.

Today, many people are deciding that they want to do things differently. 

Some are opting for a type of funeral that denies friends and relatives the chance to pay their respects.

That’s okay. It’s important that people have choices. 

But as caring professionals, it’s also our responsibility to ensure people fully understand all available options and the various implications. 

That’s why SAIF, in partnership with Westerleigh, is raising awareness about the importance of saying goodbye.

We encourage you to share this simple but powerful video on your platforms to remind people about why funerals matter.

A funeral without your herd just isn’t the same.

Together, SAIF and Westerleigh are also offering the Diamond Partnership to ensure SAIF independent funeral directors can fully support bereaved families in a changing funerals market.

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