Education & training

SAIF is committed to investing in the future of the funeral profession and we provide a number of educational and training opportunities to our members.


NEW! Membership of the IFD College – September 2016

  • The Governors of the IFD College are inviting holders of the Cert. FP, NAFD Diploma and BIFD Diploma to become a Member of the IFD College. Members of the College will be able to use the letters MIFDC after their name, will receive an annual Membership Certificate and will be offered free entry to SAIF’s Education Day next year. Membership for the introductory year will cost £30.00.
  • Members will be obliged to provide evidence of 12 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to continue their membership after the first year. Membership of the College will demonstrate that members are actively maintaining and developing their knowledge to perform to the highest standard within the profession.
  • The Governors are keen for membership of the College to reflect both the academic achievements and high standards of professional conduct. For that reason, they may reserve the right to refuse membership or strike off any member whose conduct has or may bring the College and/or the profession into dispute.
  • To apply for Membership, please complete and return the Application Form by 30th October 2016 with your payment. A form is also available to begin recording CPD for continued Membership in 2017/2018.

The Application form may be downloaded here: application-for-membership-of-the-independent-funeral-directors-college:
The CPD recording form may be downloaded here:record-of-cpd

For more information, please contact the IFD College Administrator, Corinne Pengelly.

The Independent Funeral Directors (IFD) College

The IFD College is a virtual college started in 1995 to provide basic vocational training to members of SAIF.

There are four regular courses, each split into units. Students may register for all or any of the units; however we recommend that the health and safety modules are studied first.

Students will receive a certificate for each completed course but – in accordance with our assessment policy – all work must be completed within two years.

Students who do not wish to complete the coursework may apply for a letter of Confirmation of Attendance.


Units include:


Health & Safety for Funeral Staff

  • Aimed at all staff employed in funeral work and should ideally be a first step in funeral service training
  • Topics include: hygiene, handling hazardous substances, risk assessments, fire safety, first aid, good housekeeping and manual handling


Foundation Funeral Practitioner

  • Focussing on basic skills, the units are aimed at all staff employed in funeral work
  • Topics include: taking first calls, identification, preparations for viewing, the chapel of rest, measuring, communication and conduct and professional standards


Funeral Operative

  • Designed for members of staff who are providing manual skills, the Foundation units must be completed or in progress before these units are studied
  • Topics include: driving and vehicle maintenance, pallbearing and funeral procedures, care of floral tributes, coffin fitting and finishing and removals


Funeral Administrator

  • Designed for administration staff, funeral arrangers and receptionists, the Foundation units must be completed or in progress before these units are studied
  • Topics include: arranging the funeral, cremation and burial procedures and documentation, coroner and registrars procedures, bereavement, funeral planning, trade associations and repatriations


Learners who successfully gain a pre-determined combination of units will receive a Certificate in Funeral Practice (Cert.FP) (awarded by external moderator One Awards) and will be eligible to use the letters Cert FP after their name.

Current course dates can be found on our Events page, while more details on the IFD College can be found here.