SAIF Webinar: Is the rise in direct cremations affecting your business?

Event Date: 31st December 2025


The pandemic created much change in our society, including the way people work, shop and organise funerals. Massive advertising budgets by national online companies now encourage more bereaved people than ever to buy a direct cremation online, bypassing the local independent funeral director.

However, there is confusion about what exactly a direct or unattended funeral is and how a loved one will be cared for.

To help our members compete in the changing funerals market, SAIF has developed a toolkit of resources. The Direct Cremation Toolkit was launched at our Education Day on 17th June.

Learn more:

Watch this webinar from Tuesday 20th June where our panel of experts will explain how to use the ‘tools’ and will answer any questions. You’ll need to login to the Members’ area to use the link.

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