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Recorded Webinars

Webinar recording: Complaints – how to handle and diffuse Webinar recording: Your direct cremation questions answered Webinar Recording: Guiding the Grief Journey What does physical and mental fitness mean for funeral professionals? SAIF Webinar: Is the rise in direct cremations affecting your business? Recorded webinar: How will the Fuller Inquiry affect your funeral business? Recorded webinar: 14th February – Signposting bereaved people Recorded Webinar: Understanding Consumer Vulnerability Recorded Webinar: Who has the final say when arranging a funeral? Recorded webinar: New and improved Quality Assurance – August 2022 Recorded webinar: Helping families coping with suicide bereavement Recorded webinar: How can SAIF Digital help your business? Recorded webinar: Direct cremations Webinar Recording – FCA Regulation: Appointed Representative Status Recorded webinar: Practical help with the CMA Order Recorded webinar: Meet the CMA Recorded webinar: CMA Order Q&A Session Recorded Webinar: CMA Order Introduction Webinar: Funeral Expenses Payments Workshop with DWP SAIF Webinar: A beginner’s guide to SAIF SLACK communication tool Webinar recording: ‘Be an amazing leader!’ Meet Scotland’s Senior Inspector of Burial, Cremation & Funeral Directors Webinar: Good practice in managing complaints – 13th April at 3 pm SAIF Webinar on 9th March at 2 pm: Meeting with the FCA Head regulating funeral plans Webinar – Why talking about cost matters with Gerry King of Funeral Director Websites from 27/1/21 Webinar: Advice and tips for online presence and pricing with Funeralguide from 16/12/20 Webinar – Prepare your website for online pricing with Chris Elwood of Comtecs from 13/1/21 Webinar: How to make the most of online pricing with Ciaran O’Toole of Golden Charter from 5/11/20 Webinar on 9th February 2021 2pm – When was the last time you thought about your mental wellbeing? Differentiate your business from the competition – November 2020 SAIF Webinar – Using technology to improve your productivity – October 2020 A beginner’s guide to software for the funeral profession from June 2020 The long-term impact of bereavement during Covid-19 and how funeral directors can help

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