Paying for a funeral

Paying for a funeral

Sadly, even the most basic of funeral is not cheap. In the UK, the average cost of a funeral in 2022 was £4,216 (source: Legal and General).This is much more than most people think. However, it is possible to have a respectable funeral for much less than this and your SAIF member can advise.

In many cases, the deceased will have left sufficient money in their estate to cover the cost of their funeral. If so, then the executor of the estate will take care of paying for the funeral. Alternatively, family or a close friend will pay for the funeral and may then be reimbursed from the deceased’s estate.

As part of our Code of Practice, all SAIF members are required to offer a low cost ‘Simple Funeral’ alternative for families. Your funeral director may also be able to spread the cost over several months. If you are on a low income, you may be eligible to a bereavement payment from the Government – click here for further information. Help may also be available from Quaker Social Action.

If there are neither sufficient funds in the estate or family or friends are unable to pay, then a Public Health Funeral will be arranged by the local council. This will normally be a short service and a cremation which people may attend.

All SAIF members understand that for many families it may be a struggle to pay for a funeral they would wish their loved one to have. As such, they will do everything possible to keep costs to a minimum. Find a SAIF member near you here.

Pre-paid Funeral Plans

With a pre-paid funeral plan, all the costs for a funeral will have been paid for by the deceased. The funeral plan will be arranged through a funeral director and they will then be used for the funeral.

There are many benefits to using a pre-paid funeral plan, such as:

  • Ensuring you have the funeral that meets your wishes
  • Saving on the rising cost of funerals by paying at today’s prices
  • Protecting your loved ones from having to pay and avoiding any stress at a difficult time
  • A range of payment options spreading costs over many years
  • The ability to amend your funeral arrangements when you wish

Many SAIF members operate their own pre-paid funeral plans. Contact your local SAIF member for more details.

Before paying for any funeral pre-paid plan, ensure that the funeral plan provider is approved by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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