SAIF Next Generation

Nurturing the funeral profession’s future leaders

The funeral profession is changing. Tradition is being challenged by a growing public preference for personalised ceremonies, the rise of digital technology and, of course, the threat of regulation. As part of its response, SAIF has created a forward-thinking group to help aspiring young funeral directors gain the right skills to become the leaders of tomorrow.

SAIF Next Generation is a unique initiative for emerging managers and upcoming company owners or directors of SAIF Members and is aimed at people (generally) aged under 40.

Join SAIF NextGen

The only requirement to join the NextGen group is to be an existing member of SAIF. Please email for full details.

How can I get involved?

We’ve set up several digital and offline platforms for SAIF Next Generation members, in order to facilitate knowledge sharing, problem solving and new friendships amongst a supportive peer group of like-minded young business people.

The platforms

  • Closed Facebook group – a great forum for discussion and advice
  • Bi-annual meetings – At SAIF’s AGM and SAIF Charter’s AGM. Meet members face to face to discuss the issues that matter to you and network in a social setting.
  • Magazine articles – SAIFinsight highlights best practice from younger funeral directors. Contact Next Generation if you have a perspective to share.

Help raise awareness of SAIF Next Generation

We aim to grow and strengthen SAIF Next Generation membership, establishing a charter within SAIF and making a group fit for the 21st Century. If you know of a family member or colleague who might benefit from joining SAIF Next Generation, please pass on their details or ask them to get in touch via the Facebook group or email.

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