Take control of cost: why planning ahead matters in funerals 

24/05/2024   //   No Comments

ITV’s recent documentary on funeral costs carried a powerful message to families. And it’s something the funeral profession has been advising for years. That is, the need to plan ahead before it’s too late. 

We understand that funerals can be expensive. Price pressures are felt more keenly in this era of austerity and cost of living challenges. 

But funeral directors aren’t just here to be contacted when the time comes. By making preparations well in advance, it becomes easier to design a service suited to your financial circumstances. 

As we reflect on the recent Dying Matters Awareness Week 2024, whose theme this year was the way we talk about dying matters, it is clear that helping consumers make informed decisions is a vital area of work for SAIF members.

Final wishes guides can be a huge help

Independent funeral directors are skilled at finding the right kind of funeral service for every budget. Furthermore, many businesses publish final wishes leaflets on their websites to provide inspiration and ideas. 

For instance, SAIF members like Nicholas O’Hara Funeral Directors, H. Porter & Sons and Allcock Family Funeral Services all have online guides. These are available here, here and here.

How to use a final wishes guide

We encourage members of the public to visit their local SAIF-accredited funeral director’s website as they’re bound to offer their own version. They may also have a hard copy and will be happy to pop one in the post for you. 

Whichever way to receive your guide, be it through the inbox or the letterbox, treat it as an important family document to be stored safely once completed. 

It will act as a vital record of next of kin and how you wish to be cared for after death. It will also let your loved ones know whether you want a burial or cremation, in addition to any readings, songs and hymns at your service.  

Whom you would like to attend your funeral and coffin types tend to be included too. As is the final resting place of any ashes, should you opt for a cremation funeral.

The importance of involving loved ones in the planning process

A good tip for completing a final wishes guide is to sit down with relatives or friends and discuss your wishes. Doing it with your nearest and dearest over a cuppa will help them to arrange a meaningful funeral. It will also help with decisions on cost and how the service will be paid for. 

That way, you can avoid any unwanted surprises when the funeral invoice arrives. 

As well as planning ahead, it’s also important to shop around and compare quotes from different providers. To find your local SAIF-accredited funeral director, click here. Additionally, we recommend putting money aside, whether via a regulated prepaid funeral plan or a savings account. 


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