SAIF Webinar 22nd June at 3 pm – Online pricing: legal requirements by the CMA

Event Date: 22nd June 2021

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will publish its statutory legal order by the 17th June 2021 for all UK funeral directors to put their prices online. At this point, it will become a legal requirement to be implemented at the earliest, by 17th September, three months after the date of the legal Order. We will know more when the Order is published, as SAIF has petitioned the CMA for a longer implementation time period for funeral businesses to comply with the CMA regulations.

The CMA Legal Order for online pricing regulations will require all funeral directors to follow directives to publish their prices online in a very specific way. The changes are intended to improve customer experiences of price transparency during a distress purchase.

You may be unsure or concerned about the forthcoming changes and how your business should prepare.

SAIF is here to guide you through the challenges ahead.

Join our webinar with SAIF’s team of experts who have worked with the CMA during its investigation: SAIF’s UK Government Liaison Paul Allcock, SAIF Scotland Government Liaison, Joe Murren, SAIF’s PR Advisor, Mark Binnersley, and SAIF’s CEO, Terry Tennens.

During the webinar, the team will help you with:

  • Guidance on actions required and deadlines
  • Information on how to present your prices
  • Further news of how SAIF will be offering guidance during the implementation time period.

The webinar will take place on 22nd June at 3 pm and all SAIF members are encouraged to attend. It can be accessed by a desktop or laptop PC, tablet or SmartPhone free of charge. There will be an opportunity to ask your own questions.


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