The long-term impact of bereavement during Covid-19 and how funeral directors can help

Event Date: 31st December 2024
The long-term impact of bereavement during Covid-19 and how funeral directors can help

As a funeral professional, you may currently be feeling frustrated and saddened that you can’t personalise a funeral or comfort and support families in the ways you previously could. You may never meet some clients face to face and you’re having to guide others through limited options and painful choices such as who can attend the funeral.

Coping with a loved one’s death is always painful, but meaningful farewells are even harder to achieve with current restrictions. Families may not have seen their loved one since admission to hospital and may be prevented from viewing afterwards for safety reasons. Family members are unable to meet up to comfort each other and some may be facing their bereavement in isolation.

How will this added dimension of distress impact how people grieve and their long-term ability to cope with their loss? What can you do as a funeral director to help their bereavement experience?

SAIF welcomes back Catherine Betley, managing director of Professional Help, which provides SAIF Support and SAIF CareChat. Catherine will offer suggestions for funeral directors to help a funeral feel more memorable and special to the family and highlight the work of SAIF Care.  SAIF Care is a bereavement support package which includes a telephone bereavement careline and email support. It is available to clients of all SAIF Members who wish to access grief care and bereavement support.

Clients are able to access trained and qualified staff Monday to Friday from 9.00 am until 9.00 pm.

  • SAIF Care Helpline: 0800 917 7224
  • Email 
  • SAIF Care Chat – an online chat box

This webinar was presented on 28th May 2020. You will need to be logged into the Members’ area to access this link to watch the recording and see the PowerPoint slides.



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