The SAIF Winter Covid-19 Checklist

05/10/2020   //   No Comments
As coronavirus continues to spread within the community, we thought it might be helpful to create a SAIF Winter Covid-19 Checklist for funeral directors. It is imperative that SAIF members are prepared for a potential rise in deaths. We strongly encourage independent funeral directors to:

– Ensure sufficient PPE supplies and that all items are within their use-by dates
– Ensure sufficient stocks of cleaning materials and sanitiser 
– Ensure sufficient stocks of bodybags, which must be made of a compliant material
(We are working with our Associate members to have up to date stock information held on our website. Click here for details.)
– Bring forward vehicle servicing and maintenance to reduce disruption to transport availability during busy periods  
– Establish back-up supply lines for coffin and memorial products
– Keep in close contact with your Local Resilience Forum, which is likely to have sight of the latest data and forecasting (contact the SAIF Business Centre if you are having difficulty with this at:
– Keep in close contact with public mortuaries to understand their contingency plans around capacity
– Communicate with fellow funeral directors to share staff and assets where appropriate during busy times
– Ensure your website and social media channels carry the latest advice and information about your Covid Secure operating practices 
– Have a contingency plan if staff have to self-isolate; for extra body storage; and potential local lockdowns
– Read your SAIF Coronavirus bulletins 

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