Tell us once – how funeral directors can help

19/01/2021   //   No Comments

HM Government’s Tell Us Once service (TUO) is a free, cross-government service designed to support bereaved citizens.  It enables them to report a verified death to multiple local and central government organisations in one go.  It’s available to everyone living in England, Scotland, and Wales via Local Authority Registrars.

How can Funeral Directors help?

Schedule 13 Part 1 of the Coronavirus Act 20 gave Funeral Directors (FDs) the power to register deaths on behalf of families where family-members aren’t in a position to do so themselves.

Following the death registration and having entered basic details regarding the deceased into the Tell Us Once computer system, the Registrar will provide a printout containing a unique Tell Us Once service reference number.  This relates specifically to the deceased individual and will subsequently enable the family to securely access the service and inform relevant organisations of the death.  Where you are registering the death on behalf of the family in accordance with the Act, please ensure the TUO reference number is promptly passed on to the family.

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