Suicide Bereavement online conference 18th November

16/10/2020   //   No Comments

Suicide Bereavement have announced that their 2020 conference will take place online on 18th November. The event will run from 9 am to 1.30 pm and will cost £45 +VAT per person.

“Suicide Bereavement UK’s online conference will combine the Arts (i.e. poetry, artists) alongside science and lived experience to host an engaging online conference, that will present several ground breaking research projects in this field. 

Also, a Manchester based audio visual company that normally work at festivals (i.e. Glastonbury) are excited to work with us on this important event.  The will bring together attendees from all over the world to explore and discuss best practice in this field.  But more than that, we will inspire, challenge and motivate you.

18 speakers will also cover the following:

  • Personal experiences of being bereaved by suicide
  • The importance of signposting after a death by suicide
  • Who cares for the carer?
  • Helping to reduce suicide in young people”

SAIF is pleased to support Suicide Bereavement UK and Support After Suicide Partnership 

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