Six reasons to choose an independent funeral director

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Across the UK there are an estimated 7,000 funeral homes, the majority of which are operated by independent, family-run businesses. SAIF exists to represent these small firms and support their mission to deliver the best possible service to clients.

But why should bereaved people choose a small company to handle a loved one’s funeral over a larger corporate organisation or digital platform-based direct funeral company? We believe there are six key reasons:

  1. Independent funeral directors are based and managed within their communities rather than by a headquarters many miles away, meaning clients receive support from a provider who truly understands local people and cultures.
  2. Small to medium sized firms tend not to be accountable to remote shareholder interests, freeing them from stock market-driven profit objectives and allowing them to focus on service rather than sales.
  3. Many small firms have built up good reputations in local communities across decades, sometimes even centuries. Maintaining this depends on ensuring continued good service and care, and this is often underpinned by ongoing professional development delivered by bodies such as the Independent Funeral Directors’ College.
  4. More often than not, independent funeral directors’ close knit teams mean clients will be served by the same professionals, in many instances the business owner, from the moment they make the first call through to conducting the funeral and arranging a memorial.
  5. Families who choose an independent funeral director will receive expert face-to-face care and support throughout the funeral arranging process, rather than via a remote call centre or online chat function. This ensures queries are answered quickly and with authority.
  6. Independent funeral directors who are members of SAIF adhere to a set of standards (covering areas such as care of the deceased, business administration, treatment of clients and transparency of ownership to name but a few) against which they are inspected on an annual basis. Businesses that breach these standards are given coaching and guidance to improve and in some instances can be fined. SAIF members are also subject to an independent complaints and dispute resolution process if the service doesn’t live up to expectations.

So, when the time comes to call upon the support of a funeral director, choosing a SAIF member will bring peace of mind. In fact, you needn’t take our word for it. Here’s a typical client review of a SAIF funeral director:

Everything we asked for and more was provided and all arrangements were carried out to the highest of standards. They are a very sympathetic, organised and professional company and we would have no hesitation in recommending them.

We’re confident that by choosing an independent funeral director – and preferably one in membership of SAIF – you’ll be able to arrange a send-off for a loved one that meets your needs on both quality and value.

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