Scottish Government consults funeral sector on regulation, licensing

25/08/2023   //   No Comments

Four major consultation papers on the regulation of funerals in Scotland launch today (August 25, 2023).

‌The Scottish Government’s public consultations focus on the inspection of the funeral sector, licensing of funeral directors, burial ground management and alkaline hydrolysis.

‌SAIF Scotland encourages members in Scotland to submit their thoughts and perspectives on each topic, and will also be making submissions on all four consultations.

James Morris, President of SAIF Scotland, was “encouraged” to see the process of regulation reach the public consultation stage.

He added: “Regulation of the Scottish funeral sector will maintain and ensure the high standards of funeral service, care of the deceased and delivery to the tens of thousands of families in need of a funeral director each year.

“SAIF Scotland looks forward to continuing to work with the Scottish Government on what has been an open and consultative process and has thoughtfully addressed concerns shared by both the Government and the funeral sector.”

In recent years SAIF Scotland has proactively participated in the Funeral Director Licensing Working Group, chaired by the Scottish Government with the remit of drafting a licensing framework.

SAIF Scotland members can respond to the licensing consultation here, inspection of funeral directors consultation here, burial ground management consultation here, and alkaline hydrolysis consultation here.

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