SAIF Members be prepared for increased tribunal claims in 2018

01/02/2018   //   No Comments

In 2017 the Supreme Court decided the tribunal fee regime was unlawful. Since 26 July 2017 employees no longer have to pay a fee to bring a tribunal claim. Claims fell around 79% once fees were introduced so you need to be aware that the impact of this decision is that claims are likely to increase in 2018. There’s no longer a financial deterrent on individuals who wish to challenge their employers in the tribunal. Whilst this improves access to justice for those with a genuine complaint, there may also be an increase in spurious claims or those that pressure employers into financial settlements.

SAIF recommends that members ensure that the business’s contracts of employment and policies and procedures in relation to disciplinary and grievance matters are in place and up to date. These documents provide a framework to follow when issues arise with employees and help reduce the risk of future claims.

Information sourced from Lite Indicator.


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