SAIF Member features in BBC documentary ‘The Youngertakers’

23/02/2018   //   No Comments

Information from SAIFinsight:

A young businessman and independent funeral director has taken a starring role in a new BBC documentary.  Luke Allum, from SAIF Member Luke Allum Funeral Directors in Sheppey, opened his business in September 2017 after working for another independent for a decade.  It was a chance meeting with TV producer Ben Mundy that saw Luke, 25, being offered the chance to appear in The Youngertakers, a half-hour documentary that features the youngest undertakers in the UK.

Speaking to SAIFInsight, Luke said: “Filming has been going on since I opened.  “Ben travelled down to Kent to see me and has popped back a couple of times to catch up with what we’re doing. I have been able to show how we do things behind the scenes but also how we care for someone’s loved one on the day of a funeral.”

The BBC documentary went live on the BBC iPlayer on Monday, 5 February. If the show gets enough views it will be transmitted on BBC2 in March or April.


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