SAIF funeral directors go above and beyond during Covid-19

01/07/2020   //   No Comments

Pandemic restrictions have introduced limitations on how funerals can be run and how families and friends can support each other. To help families achieve a meaningful farewell, SAIF funeral directors have been providing new and creative ways of allowing loved ones to say goodbye and to grieve.

We have been sharing their ideas on our Facebook page, for example Mortons Funeral Directors which serves Birmingham & Worcestershire. They recently completed a repatriation for a family who were bereaved during the Covid-19 pandemic – driving a gentleman from Birmingham to Dublin to transfer his coffin to another funeral director who would facilitate his burial in Cork.

Mortons company owner Derek Case set off a 3am, having paused in the hearse outside the deceased’s Midlands home for loved ones to pay their respects the evening before. The return journey was completed in one day and family on both sides of the Irish Sea were hugely comforted by Derek’s incredible mission at a time of national emergency. It’s another example of the amazing lengths to which independent funeral directors are going to on behalf of families in their care. #independentgoodbyes

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