SAIF Acquisitions: Keeping independents independent

24/09/2018   //   No Comments

SAIF has announced an exciting new professional brokerage service called SAIF Acquisitions, which is aimed at helping independent funeral directors sell their business to other independent funeral directors. SAIF members who are interested in purchasing an independent funeral business will be able to register with SAIF Acquisitions and become an ‘approved buyer’, protected by non-disclosure agreements with prospective sellers.

Members looking to sell their business are invited to contact SAIF Acquisitions, which will discreetly connect you with buyers in your area. As a seller, you will also be provided with a list of preferred agents able to act on your behalf, if you so wish. SAIF will provide the above information, but it will be the seller who determines the buyer firm and, if applicable, the agent or consultant.

In an age when independent funeral businesses are being snapped up by a corporate on a regular basis, SAIF Acquisitions will help to protect the business you have nurtured and grown, ensuring bereaved families can continue to rely of the unique service only an independent funeral director can provide.

For more information, please contact Claire Day or Terry Tennens at SAIF Business Centre or call 01279 726777.

All enquiries will be dealt with in the strictest confidence and with no obligation.


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