Raising SAIF’s profile with our new communications consultant

15/08/2018   //   No Comments

SAIF is working with Communications Consultant Mark Binnersley to help raise our profile in the funeral profession and represent the views of independent funeral directors across national, regional and broadcast media.  Mark joined us in July 2018 and already we have contributed to discussions around funeral costs, the funeral price war and the development of Hospice Funerals. Over the coming months, SAIF will be developing a proactive stance to public relations with a series of campaigns aimed at benefiting your business. These will include materials for you to share with local media outlets, helping to raise your profile within your community.

Through our work with Mark, we will continue to ensure the interests and views of independent funeral directors are clearly represented across a range of media platforms.  As a member of SAIF you can also benefit from free crisis communications support from Mark, who can be contacted via hello@markbinnersley.co.uk or on 07392006928 at any time of the day. He is also on hand for general communications advice and is happy to be contacted with any questions you might have.

Crucially, Mark is keen to work with individual SAIF members and encourages you to make contact with story ideas and information about trends and issues affecting the funeral profession. We want to work in a proactive way and drive the narrative about our wonderful profession. The more information we have, the better we can represent you.

Social media is also a significant area of work and we urge you to connect with your trade association on Twitter (@NationalSAIF) and Facebook (facebook.com/nationalSAIF). Mention or tag SAIF in any posts and we’ll be sure to share with a wider audience. We’d love to see any photographs that sum up why independent funeral directors are better on value, better on quality. We’ll share these too.

If you would like to find out how Mark Binnersley could help your firm please call 07392006928 or email him.


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