NHS Test and Trace template for SAIF members

23/07/2020   //   No Comments

SAIF and DMAG for England have proposed that chief mourners or funeral applicants are responsible for the collection of mourner contact details for the purposes of cooperating with the NHS Test and Trace system for England.

We advise funeral directors to aid the process by providing a form for the chief mourner to use to store names and contact details of those attending the funeral service. SAIF has provided a sample template to give to families during the arrangements.

If the lead mourner prefers to give this responsibility to their nominee, it is important the funeral director and the crematorium have contact details of the nominee. Ideally, the names of mourners will be collated before the funeral takes place. 

Some crematoriums may provide their own template, so please check with your local venue. This document should be retained for 21 days and then destroyed. Further details on Test and Trace can be found here.

Unfortunately, some crematoria are insisting that the funeral director holds responsibility for collecting data of mourners. You may wish to use this reciprocal request of data sharing agreement to safeguard against any risks with GDPR.

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