Message from Funeral Celebrancy Council

26/03/2020   //   No Comments

On 25th March SAIF & NAFD confirmed that they consider funeral celebrants essential to the management of the deceased and are, therefore, to be regarded as essential key workers in the funeral industry, under government guidelines.

This confirmation of both NAFD and SAIF recognition of celebrants as key workers may be passed to crematorium staff and funeral directors, who may have been unsure about the status of funeral celebrants.

The Funeral Celebrancy Council will continue to issue updates in response to the coronavirus pandemic. It is vitally important to ensure the safest possible working conditions for celebrants. Please refer to our ‘Guidelines for Funeral Celebrants in Response to Coronavirus’, available at

Whilst the majority of celebrants are self-employed, and responsibility for welfare lies solely with the individual, these the guidelines are offered as a coherent approach to help protect, not only the health and welfare of the bereaved people we serve, but also fellow professionals, our own families and friends, wider society, and ourselves.

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