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One of our members have informed the SAIF Business Centre of the following scam:

“A man with a Scottish accent phoned asking for our sort code and account number to pay off an account.

He couldn’t give us our reference number as he was far too busy. He said he would supply it after the payment was made.

We hung up and straight away we received a phone call from supposedly HSBC Fraud.

The lady asked us to log on to our internet banking and she would change our banking log in details.

we questioned her and she said to hang up and she would contact us on a mobile number and that the caller display would read the telephone number for HSBC fraud. When it rung it did indeed have the correct number but i hung up.

Then phoned the proper HSBC Fraud Dept and they confirmed is was a SCAM!! “

Please be vigilant. HSBC Fraud confirmed that they would never phone regarding internet business banking and also that they would never ask you to log in and change any details.

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