HMRC Guidance on paying staff over festive period

19/12/2018   //   No Comments

SAIF has received this guidance from HMRC: 

We know that some employers pay their employees earlier than usual during the festive period, this may be due to the business closing for Christmas and New Year.

If you do pay early, please report your normal payment date on
your Full Payment Submission (FPS).

For example: if you pay on 21 De‌ce‌mb‌er but your normal payment date is 31 De‌ce‌mb‌er, please report the payment date as 31 De‌ce‌mb‌er. In this example the FPS would need to be sent on or before the 31 De‌ce‌mb‌er.

Doing this will protect your employees’ eligibility for Universal Credit, because an early payment could affect further entitlements. This guidance applies only for the 2018 festive period.

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