Going green with eco-funerals

27/08/2018   //   No Comments

Article source: SAIFInsight Magazine July 2018

Coffin manufacturer LifeArt believes that Britain could significantly reduce the amount of air pollution caused by cremations if funeral directors switched from using traditional MDF or particleboard coffins to those made with more environmentally friendly materials.  LifeArt, which manufactures coffins with ‘enviroboard’ at its factory in Gloucestershire, commissioned research that showed that switching from MDF or particleboard coffins to new paper-based products could reduce these greenhouse gas emissions and toxic particles, including CO2 and NOx, by up to 97%.

So far, LifeArt coffins have been adopted by a number of funeral directors, including Stroud-based Michael Gamble, an independent funeral director.  Michael Gamble, founder of Michael Gamble Funeral Directors, said: “We’re finding more bereaved people want an environmentally friendly coffin option and at a price that isn’t going to break the bank, so I’m proud to be the first independent funeral director in the UK to offer LifeArt’s enviroboard coffins to families.

“The design and build quality is on a par with chipboard alternatives, meaning families are able to choose a realistic wood effect or a high definition image that reflects the life and personality of the deceased.”


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