Cremation research results

29/01/2019   //   No Comments
Richard Martin of Scattering Ashes

With the number of cremations at an all time high, new research has revealed 80% of the public are ‘happy’ or ‘very happy’ with the service they attended. The research was conducted by Scattering Ashes, a family business that specialises in helping people options a deal with cremated remains.

The survey also found out that 70% of family and friends attending services rated the exterior as favourable. The landscaping and grounds were also particularly praised, with the feedback on the buildings tending to be more positive the newer the construction.

On the whole, people felt the services were long enough at the crematoria although many felt more time could have been allowed for getting in and out of the building, and staff were almost universally praised for their attention and consideration.

The results also showed that people generally thought cremation was value for money although the whole funeral process was expensive.

Richard Martin, of Scattering Ashes and author of the report, said: “This will be a pleasant read for those working in the funeral profession. It is difficult for crematoria to get feedback from clients, so I am sure they will have been pleased to know they are doing a good job. However, while crematoria and the staff are well praised there are definitely certain areas that they could focus on if they wished to improve the experience for those visiting.”

He added: “On the thorny issue of cost, it is interesting to see that of those who had considered the issue, three quarters felt they received value for money, I hope those in the industry responsible for such things will see this as part of the overall positive feedback rather than a green light to increase prices.”

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