Coping in an area of high prevalence of Covid-19

28/04/2020   //   No Comments

“We’re all in this together” is a common theme during this pandemic and it’s helpful to share our common issues and concerns. Working together, SAIF members can learn from each other, share helpful tips and provide support where possible. The webinar forum provides an easy and convenient way of ‘meeting up’ virtually.

In this week’s webinar we’ll focus on how one SAIF member, Ross Hickton, is coping in an area of high prevalence of COVID19 with:

  • excess deaths
  • the Local Resilience Forum
  • staff care
  • business continuity 

Ross is a 4th generation funeral director in his family business TEW Hickton in the West Midlands. He’s a member of SAIF’s Executive Committee and a founding member of SAIF’s NextGen group.

These are not easy times – join our Questions and Answers session with Ross at 2 pm on Wednesday 29th April. Open to all SAIF Members; register here.

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