Changes to funeral expenses payments – update for SAIF Members

24/01/2018   //   No Comments

SAIF has learnt this update from the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) regarding funeral expenses payments.  The amount of the payment does not change but from 2nd April 2018:

  • Claimants will be enabled to receive contributions from charities, relatives or friends without them being deducted from the overall sum payable toward funeral costs.
  • In future, claimants will have six months from the funeral date in which to make an application for help with funeral costs instead of the current three months.
  • Claimants will also have the option of submitting any evidence needed in support of their claim electronically.
  • Claimants will have a shorter application form to apply for help towards the cost of children’s funerals.

Read more on the government’s website.

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