Carrying the cords and coffin – rules in Scotland

08/10/2020   //   No Comments

Update from the Scottish Government Funeral Industry News

Prior to the pandemic, family members could participate in the lowering or carrying of the coffin. They were routinely assisted and directed by funeral directors or their staff in doing so.

As experienced professionals, the staff’s role is to guide the process. Now, because of the requirement to remain 2 metres apart from one another, in most cases, staff will only be able to ensure a coffin is carried correctly and safely by undertaking this without family involvement.

However, each funeral director is able to carry out a risk assessment and there may be circumstances where the family can have a role in carrying the coffin, such as carrying it as a single household, and the options should be discussed with the relatives. In most cases, the 2 metre physical distancing requirement prevents this. It is a decision for the funeral director to make on a case-by-case basis and to discuss with the cremation/ burial authority to allow it.

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