Brahms Electric Vehicles is creating hearses for the future

22/01/2018   //   No Comments

Brahms Electric Vehicles is the UK’s first and only electric hearse manufacturer and is a new Associate Member of SAIF. Brahms is keen to work with SAIF funeral directors to deliver a gentle and modern funeral transport for the bereaved.  Steve Cousins, Brahms Director says, “We began making hybrid hearses in 2011.  Since 2013 we have been able to offer a fully electric hearse based on the Nissan Leaf.  The car has a great sense of dignity without being ostentatious – and that suits many situations for families and their loved ones.”

The vehicle has great green credentials as the fuel used in the transport is a major part of the environmental impact of the funeral.  This is the world’s most abundant and reliable electric car with a range of 120 miles and an 80% rapid recharge in 30 minutes.  Further information here.

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