Pace4life update

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SAIF thanks Balasundaram Lavan, founder of Pace4life for this update:

In 2019, Pace4life looks to build on the support of SAIF and wider supporters by building on its donations of pacemakers with another mission to Ghana currently being scheduled. The funding of this and future trips has been made possible through the kind work SAIF supporters have all made to date in donating pacemakers previously held in your possession, as you moved to implementing Pace4Life’s Pacemaker Consent Forms as part of your day to day process.

Hundreds of supporters have enrolled in Pace4Life’s
programme to date but new members and participants are welcome as your ongoing
support is vital. As such Pace4Life is extending its amnesty and will welcome
any backlog of pacemakers or ICDS (implantable defibrillators) you have in your
possession that do not have any patient consent or donation forms throughout

Please kindly note, however, that we only accept pacemakers
and ICDS. We have over the course of our amnesty received many devices,
however, alongside these we have found a number of things that we do not
accept. This includes glasses, syringes, batteries, remote controls, hearing
aids, insulin pumps, nails, scalpels, needles, keys and even a sink plug. Many
of these items either belong in clinical waste or should be donated to other
causes, for example, spectacles to your local optician for reuse in the
developing world.

Pace4Life thanks you for your support to date, it has made our goal a reality. The ongoing donation of pacemakers has helped create a stockpile of pacemakers for reuse while the damaged and expired pacemakers continue to be recycled for the precious metals (up to £1 per unit), which provide vital funds to Pace4Life for the future. Pace4Life looks forward to a prosperous 2019 and your ongoing support. If you have any questions, please visit the website.

SAIF is delighted to work with Pace4Life. As a funeral director, how can you help?

1. Gain consent from the family. Use the Pacemaker Donation Form on the SAIF website. You’ll need to login to the Members’ area first.

2. Follow the Pacemaker Recovery Instructions

3. Make a note of the deceased’s name and pacemaker registration number (printed on the pacemaker)

4. Pack the pacemakers and donation forms in a cardboard carton, or large padded envelope with sufficient cushioning, and send to: Pace4Life, c/o Anstey & District Funeral Services, Talbott House, Leicester Rd, Anstey Leicester LE7 7AT.

5. Email John Kersley at Advance Sales UK on with the heading ‘Pacemaker Collection Please’

Packages up to 10kg in weight are £10, plus fuel surcharge at 10% and VAT, giving a total cost of £13.20 anywhere within the UK.

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