SAIF Members can now offer best in class bereavement care with SAIF Care

22/02/2018   //   No Comments

SAIF thanks Catherine Betley of Professional Help for this blog.

The SAIF Care service opened to member subscriptions at the beginning of 2018 with a view to officially launching at the SAIF AGM on the 10th March. We’ve been absolutely delighted that so far almost 100 member businesses have joined the service and can now offer ‘best in class’ bereavement care to the families that they support. We welcome new subscriptions to the service throughout the year and hope to work closely with each business to get to know both you and your clients’ needs well.

For us at Professional Help (the organisation providing the SAIF Care service), the nationwide launch of SAIF Care has been something of a dream come true. The opportunity to provide a truly responsive, flexible and accessible bereavement care service is one that we are genuinely grateful for and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the SAIF Management Team and every single SAIF member who has signed up for SAIF Care for trusting us to look after your clients.

For those who haven’t yet signed up – what are you waiting for? This is our opportunity to put independent funeral services at the forefront of bereavement care in the UK – to provide a united front and to say proudly that the wellbeing of bereaved people really is best served by those in the independent sector. If all SAIF members joined SAIF Care, we would have the ability to ensure that a very large proportion of newly bereaved people in the UK had somewhere to turn to for advice, support, information and even specialist bereavement counselling should they want and need it.

So, we are ready and waiting – to answer your questions, to take requests for service and to support your clients via our helpline (0800 917 7224) and email. By now, all subscribed members should have received a PDF copy of the SAIF Care leaflet and poster and will be receiving sample hard copies in the post imminently. Please do purchase further copies of these from SAIF or use the PDFs to have your own printed and start to tell your clients about the service. We can also provide suggested copy for your website and advice about how to introduce the service to your clients. We hope to soon have a page on the SAIF website which will be packed with information about how bereavement can affect us and the support that SAIF Care offers. And you can follow us on twitter @SAIFCareUK

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