SAIF pays tribute to Her Majesty The Queen

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SAIF is compiling tributes Her Majesty The Queen from its officers and sharing these below.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

1926 – 2022

A tribute from Jo Parker, SAIF National President, 2022/23, Tonbridge, Kent.

As I write this I am sat in front of my television waiting for our new King to address the nation. Yesterday, Thursday 8th September 2022 we learnt of the passing of our Queen, Queen of the United Kingdom, Head of the Commonwealth and Queen to the world. I was sat in a hotel restaurant in Nottingham eating dinner with my daughter when the news was broadcast and I shed a tear for the loss of such an incredible and inspirational woman.

For me, HM Elizabeth II was ‘my Queen’, the Queen that I have grown up with, made my Girl Guide promise to so many, many years ago, the Queen that I’ve raised my glass to and sang the national anthem loudly and proudly to. She was a great leader who at the age of just 21, the same age as my daughter, pledged her service to us all for as long as she lived and boy did she deliver.

Strong and kind, she lead by example and my ever lasting image will be of our Queen sitting solitarily at her dear husband’s funeral, following the rules and not drawing on her status to bend those rules in any way.

And as we move into a new era and our new King begins his reign, I wonder with his strong passion for the environment and conservation that he holds dear that he may become my daughter and her generation’s King and that she too may one day feel the ache in her heart when he leaves this world as I do today for my Queen.

A tribute from Mark Horton, SAIF 1st National Vice President 2022/23, Hull, Yorkshire

The sad and shocking news that our Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, had passed away reached me whilst away on holiday. I felt a great sadness and regret that I was not in the country at the time of her passing to mourn with the nation.

Not only to mourn for our Queen but when all titles are stripped back, a wonderful lady that, whether you’re a royalist or not, people cannot deny the impact she has had on us all. Her dedication, family values and ‘keep calm and carry on’ attitude is something I certainly admire and have learnt from. Her loss is like losing a close friend or family member.

Rest in peace Ma’ am and thank you for your many years of dedicated service.

A tribute from Seán D Martin, SAIF 2nd National Vice President, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

“Duty First, Self Second”

As a little boy, I remember the excitement of waking up on the day Her Majesty visited by home town, Torquay in 1977 for her Silver Jubilee. My grandmother took me, to stand on the side of the road to wait for what seemed like forever, for the state limousine to pass. Finally, I had my chance, Her Majesty sat with HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, fleetingly, but for a few seconds – and I was hooked. From that day to this, I have admired her, what mattered to her and what she stood for, for her span of years.

On 21 April 1947, as Princess Elizabeth she gave her selfless devotion to serve the commonwealth, declared at the tender age of 21 years:

“I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service.” 

On 6 September 2022, some 75 years later at the age of 96 years, frail and unwell, her sense of duty and service was no less dimmed as she met her fifteenth and final Prime Minister.

For me, I struggle with the closure of the stability and constancy, of the exemplar of duty and service. It is all I have known and has been part of my entire life that I have looked towards for reassurance and which in part has shaped my own steadfastness.

Our profession is dedicated to the service of others and our duty is at all times of every day and every night, regardless of the hour, the weather or the circumstance, to be available to care for others. We would do well to look to HM Queen Elizabeth II as a source of example.

It will be very hard to consider this United Kingdom without Her Majesty.

Service tirelessly given. Duty unfailingly fulfilled.

May she find eternal rest and peace and be reunited with her beloved Philip.

Thank you Ma’am.

A tribute from James Morris, SAIF Scotland President, Edinburgh, Scotland

As those working in the service sector, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was an inspirational and humbling example of a service heart and practice. She constantly chose serving others before herself, often at personal cost, and that is both humbling and inspiring.

Personally, her example as a woman of faith that chose to declare her faith so openly and to serve God first, to subject herself to and follow the example of Jesus Christ, ‘The Servant King’ despite her position, is astonishing and something to which to aspire.

To have been chosen as a company to care for her and her family for the Scottish part of her funeral we count an immense honour and privilege.

A tribute from Mark Porteous, SAIF Immediate Past National President, Edinburgh, Scotland

It was with great sadness I learnt of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who was truly exceptional. To take on such a responsibility and vocation and the tender age of 25 should not be understated.

Her lifetime of tireless service to the nation and to the Commonwealth earned her the respect and admiration of the entire world. May her reign never be forgotten, and I have no doubt it will leave an enduring legacy for future generations.

God save the King

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