How does the Rule of Six apply to funerals and wakes?

16/09/2020   //   No Comments
In recent days, all governments around the UK have banned gatherings of more than six people. In general, funeral services are exempted from these rules, however, the restrictions have their own local differences and we encourage SAIF members to read relevant local information, which can be found here:

England (funeral service mourner numbers capped at 30 but wakes limited to six
Scotland (funeral service and wake mourner numbers capped at 20)
Wales (funeral service numbers dictated by physical distancing but wakes capped at 30 people)
Northern Ireland (funeral service numbers dictated by physical distancing and wakes in private homes limited to 10 people at a time)

Please note that rules may be stricter in local intervention areas. Read more about the implications of the Rule of Six on our Members’ area.

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