How do you help families bereaved through suicide?

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SAIF Members’ Webinar 22nd June at 3 pm

Suicide is the biggest killer of young people under 35 in the UK. Young suicide in the UK is at its highest for the past ten years. Losing a loved one to suicide is a shocking and painful experience. It’s believed to be one of the most difficult and lonely experiences a person can have.

How do you care for a family given news of a preventable death? How do you help clients through the practical arrangements and support them on the emotional journey they’re facing?  Papyrus Prevention of Young Suicide UK is SAIF’s charity of the year. Learn from Papyrus about resources to help you care for clients bereaved through suicide.

The charity’s vision is for a society which speaks openly about suicide and has the resources to help young people who may have suicidal thoughts. Find out about their campaigns to raise awareness and how you can help to promoted the message.

Papyrus CEO Ged Flynn and Corporate Fundraising Officer, Amanda Barbera, will be chatting with Terry Tennens, SAIF Chief Executive and Jo Parker, National President at 3 pm on June 22nd. All SAIF Members and Associate Members are welcome to join the webinar.

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