Apathy is not an option

14/06/2018   //   No Comments

This week the CMA (Competition Markets Authority, formerly the OFT which would be familiar to everyone) has launched an investigation into the funeral sector. This includes a market study into the practices of funeral directors which will examine whether the information provided by funeral directors on prices and services is clear enough for people to be able to choose the best option for them. It will also be looking into the rising level of cremation fees in recent years.

This is coupled with HM Treasury launching a separate call for evidence on regulation in the prepaid funerals sector.  The CMA are requesting initial responses to their Statement of Scope by 28th June, which doesn’t give much time to respond, whereas the HM Treasury responses aren’t due until 1st August. The consultation documents and information on how to respond can be found here.

In my brief experience of 34 years in funeral service I have found that there is a tendency within our profession to allow things to happen without making our voices heard, or at least not heard loudly enough. I therefore encourage any funeral director who genuinely has a concern for what is good practice in the funeral sector to make your voice heard.

Apathy is not an option!

It is not an onerous task to read through the documents and to make comment on what you read. The more of us who make our voices heard, the more likely we are to be listened to and for the Government Departments to get a much more relevant and accurate view of what is currently happening and more importantly, what needs to happen in the future.

As SAIF government liaison, I will be formulating a response on behalf of SAIF, together with our Chief Executive Terry Tennens and National President Alun Tucker, but it is not enough for you to think that our response is sufficient. The many and varied practices around the country mean that there are likely to be many and varied views and responses to these consultations. Every one of the responses is as important as the next to give a true reflection of the services we all offer.

For once, please do stand up and be counted!

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