Designing SAIFInsight for funeral directors

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The SAIFInsight team is planning a refresh and redesign
of your magazine.

We know that SAIFInsight is reaching the vast majority of Independents – more than 90% of you tell us you are regular readers and reaches over 1,000 monthly visitors – and we want to ensure you get the most value possible from the time you devote to reading. That will involve a review of our design and a change to how frequently you receive issues.

Our goal is to ensure each issue leads you straight to the
news and views you want, while keeping the magazine free and relevant to you.

As we work through these changes, the upcoming schedule will be a little different for 2020. You can expect to receive these upcoming issues on the weeks commencing:

  • 17 February 2020
  • 6 April 2020

Following that, from 2020/21 you will begin receiving
nine editions annually. This change will allow us to bring you the consistently
high quality issues free of charge, and we hope it will fit well into your
working year.

SAIFInsight is already more convenient to access than ever. Stories from each issue will continue to be regularly uploaded onto, and full digital versions of each issue can also be viewed on the site.

You can input by letting us know of themes and topics which you would like to see covered by SAIFInsight. Please email SAIF or call 01279 726 777 to do so.

The SAIFInsight
editorial team

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