SAIF Executive

Executive Committee 2020-21

  • National President – Mark Porteous
  • 1st Vice President – Jo Parker
  • 2nd Vice President – Mark Horton
  • Members:

Daniel Ginder

Darren Carpenter

David Gresty

Gary Staker

Gemma O’Driscoll

James Carcary

Jeremy West

Jim Auld

Liam Roberts

Paul Allcock

Paul Sillett

Ross Hickton

Sean Martin

Simon Helliar-Moore

Suzanne Graham (Golden Charter)

Terry Tennens

Role of the Executive Committee

How to apply to be nominated as an Executive Member

SAIF’s Executive Committee’s role is to act as the governing institution of the association with members expected to:

  • conduct his/her business interests in a manner which upholds the best standards of the society
  • attend quarterly Executive Committee meetings
  • attend SAIF’s National events, whenever possible
  • attend their regional meeting as the Executive Committee’s representative of that region
  • provide input, advice, experience and resources to assist the Chief Executive and SAIF Business Centre staff in their day to day operations
  • act as co-ordinators in their own region especially if there is no other key person in the region

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