Important info and dates for SAIF Members

Please note the following dates which will impact SAIF Members and the wider funeral profession.

16th June 2021 – CMA Legal Order publishedread more on the government’s website. SAIF Members – read our FAQ document here.

16th September 2021 CMA Legal Order enforced – all funeral directors must publish pricing information online

NOW – SAIF is using a new communications platform call Slack which can be accessed by a PC, tablet or Smartphone. You’ll find information specific to your local region and wider issues such as government regulation changes. All members are encouraged to join the new communications platform Slack now. More information here.

September 2021 – Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Report into the pre-paid funeral sector – applications open for authorisation

29th July 2022 – Regulations begin for the pre-paid funeral sector.

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