Webinar – Developing a Wellness Plan for your funeral staff – 16th January 2019

Event Date: 16th January 2019

Time: 1 -2 pm

Subject: Developing a Wellness Plan for your funeral staff

Many of us join a gym or start a new fitness regime in the New Year, but how many of us consider a plan for our mental health? Mental health support is important in all work environments, but it’s even more pertinent for staff working in the funeral profession. The emotional stress of disrupted sleep and supporting bereaved families can take its toll. Stress and anxiety within the funeral profession is a growing issue, which is why we launched our free SAIFSupport counselling service for members.

But why wait until mental health problems occur? Instead, we can be proactive and aim to improve our mental, as well as physical, health. Developing a Wellness Plan can help employees to support their own mental health by considering the causes of stress and poor mental health and by finding ways to manage their own mental health. Discussing mental health issues demonstrates that your company cares about their employee wellbeing and can encourage people to seek support earlier rather than later.

The presentation will cover:

  • Actions that support your employee’s mental wellbeing
  • Early warning signs and triggers for poor mental health or stress
  • The impact on work performance
  • What support your employees need

Speaker: Catherine Betley of Professional Help, the organisation which delivers SAIFSupport and SAIF Bereavement Care for SAIF Members.

SAIFSupport is a professional staff counselling service which offers all your staff six free counselling sessions should they be facing stress, anxiety and mental health issues no matter whether it is caused by workplace stresses or outside influences. In these days of mental well-being and the vitally important staff care, this service is class leading offered by an accredited organisation of the BACP. It is confidential and can be accessed by email, phone or face to face.

What’s a webinar? The webinar format allows SAIF to deliver relevant information to members at their own desk. All you need is a PC, laptop or mobile device and internet access.

Who should attend? All SAIF members are welcome to attend.

During the webinar You’ll be able to see and hear the presenter and the presentation and will be able to make comments or ask questions by typing into a chat box.

Booking: The webinar is open to SAIF Members and is free of charge but you must register your place to receive the link to join the session. SAIF Members will receive an invitation by email but if you haven’t received yours, please email Angela Camp or call SAIF Business Centre on 0345 230 6777 to register your place. Alternatively, book your place online at Eventbrite here.

You will be emailed a link to the webinar on Tuesday 15th January.