Event Date: 3rd November 2022

LOCATION: Virtual, via Zoom

DATE: 3rd November & 9th November (student has to attend both dates)

TIME: 09.00 – 13.00 (both days)

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS:  Certificate in Funeral Practice or relevant occupational qualification.

TARGET LEARNER GROUP: This course is suitable for any member of staff wishing to continue education and training following completion of Certificate in Funeral Practice modules or other occupational qualification. Ideal for those who are at a senior level in a business, business owners, or next generation in a family business.

This programme is more academic than our other courses, although there is still a practical element.

Students will be expected to engage in research and self-directed learning for much of the programme.

Individual modules may be taken but all four modules are required to achieve the Diploma in Funeral Directing award.

Module FD1

Understanding the Function and Responsibilities of the Modern Funeral Director   Level 4 NVQ  6 Credits

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the function, responsibilities and attributes associated with the role of the modern Funeral Director.
  • Be able to conduct both burial and cremation funerals.
  • Be able to evaluate the funeral process.
  • Be able to respond appropriately to non-traditional funerals, unusual requests, and unexpected occurrences during the funeral process.
  • Understand the differing approaches to funerals which enable rite of passage and the requirements of people with different faith and beliefs.
  • Understand the legal and social importance of Equality and Diversity to the funeral profession.
  • Understand the impact of changing trends to funerals and the funeral profession.
  • Understand the legal and procedural requirements relating to body donation and the disposal of body parts.
  • Understand the impact of pandemic to the funeral sector.
  • Understand the legal and procedural requirements relating to the exhumation of a body or cremated ashes.

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