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National Executive Chief Executive
National President & Charity of the Year Honeypot SAIF Scotland
SAIF Business Centre Role of the Executive Committee



  • Chief Executive / Secretary – Terry Tennens F.SAIF
  • National President – Mark Horton
  • 1st Vice President – Declan Maguire
  • 2nd Vice President – Ross Hickton
  • SAIF Scotland President – James Morris
  • Immediate Past National President – Jo Parker


  • IFD College: Chris Parker F.SAIF
  • Government Liaison: Paul Allcock F.SAIF
  • Professional Standards: Paul Sillett
  • SAIF Representative on SAIF Charter: David Garland-Thomas
  • SAIF Scotland Government Liaison – Joe Murren at govliaise@saifscotland.org
  • SAIF Scotland Standards/ Quality issues – qualitycomply@saifscotland.org
  • Treasurer: John Helps ACA

Committee Members             

  • Craig Caldwell
  • David Massam
  • Simon Helliar–Moore
  • Gemma O’Driscoll
  • George Roberts
  • Gary Staker


  • Professional Standards: Lead, Paul Sillett
  • Membership: Lead, Gary Staker
  • Quality Assurance: Lead, Simon Helliar-Moore
  • Public Relations: Lead, Mark Porteous F.SAIF
  • Products & Services: Lead, Declan Maguire
  • Mortuary Matters: Lead, Craig Caldwell
  • UK Government Liaison: Lead, Paul Allcock F.SAIF
  • Education Committee -Craig Caldwell


SAIF’s Executive Committee’s role is to act as the governing institution of the association with members expected to:

  • conduct his/her business interests in a manner which upholds the best standards of the society
  • attend SAIF’s National events, whenever possible
  • attend their regional meeting as the Executive Committee’s representative of that region
  • provide input, advice, experience and resources to assist the Chief Executive and SBC staff in their day to day operations
  • act as co-ordinators in their own region especially if there is no other key person in the region
  • attend quarterly Executive Committee meetings

At each Annual General Meeting, there is usually an opportunity to join the committee, with varying numbers of places available. All SAIF members are contacted prior to the AGM about the opportunity to stand for one of the places.


Mark Horton is SAIF’s National President for 2023/24. Mark has worked in the independent funeral sector for over 25 years, starting his own business in 2009 to give families the service he felt they deserved.

Based in Hull, it’s a truly family business, beginning with his girlfriend, now wife, Becky and his parents. The company flourished and a new branch was opened in North Cave in 2014. Mark’s son Jack has now joined the family business.

Becky joined the company full time in 2015 allowing Mark to become more actively involved with SAIF. Initially he was the SAIF area representative, then he became a SAIF Quality assessor and then he joined the SAIF Executive committee.

During this time working closely with SAIF, Mark has become increasingly passionate about ensuring a high quality of service is given by all funeral directors. He feels privileged to be able to help SAIF support all of its members and strive for a better service and support for families and funeral directors alike across the country.


Mark has chosen Honeypot as his charity for the year. Here’s an introduction in their own words:

We are thrilled that SAIF has chosen The Honeypot Children’s Charity as its ‘Charity of The Year’. This amazing partnership will help support young carers, many as young as 5 years old, who juggle up to 50 hours of care per week alongside school life and other responsibilities.

Honeypot is the only children’s charity in the UK which provides long-term support for young carers, between the ages of 5 and 12, tailored to meet their complex needs.

Just to paint you a picture, young carers have not always been on the Government agenda or on the news headlines. These extraordinary children lead secret lives away from playgrounds and holidays at the beach. Instead, a young carer’s life is hidden by the family home where their parents have cancer, siblings live with disabilities, or guardians cannot even do household chores. By partnering together we can help support these unknown heroes through the charity’s basket of vital services.

We focus on 4 areas, including:

  • Respite breaks at our Honeypot Houses in Hampshire and Wales, which provide children with rest, fun activities, and the opportunity to make friends.
  • Educational breaks which incorporate activities to help children become better learners.
  • Digital and Face to Face Outreach, which provides children with online after-school and weekend clubs, and memory making days to a farm or the beach.
  • We have our Wellbeing Fund, which provides life essentials like new beds, kitchen appliances or school uniform. We have also recently launched a new nutritious meals programme, providing workshops, recipes and food vouchers to encourage healthy eating at home.

Simmi Woodwal, Chief Executive of Honeypot, said: “We want to say a huge thank you to SAIF and your amazing members for choosing Honeypot as your Charity of the Year. We are immensely grateful and excited to create an enriching and meaningful partnership together that will have a positive impact on the lives of these extraordinary young carers. Thank you so much.”

Support Mark’s charity here or use the QR code.


Terry Tennens joined SAIF as Chief Executive in 2016.

Whether it’s commenting on changes in legislation, consulting with other like-minded organisations or providing a comment for the media – Terry is committed to ensuring the views of independent funeral directors are heard throughout the UK.

In 2023 AGM Terry received SAIF’s highest award of the Fellowship of the Society. 


SAIF Scotland represents the interests of our members north of the border – responding to changes in legislation and other issues that are specific to Scotland and the Scottish Government.


  • Scottish President – James Morris
  • 1st Vice President – Declan Maguire
  • 2nd Vice President –
  • Immediate Past President and SAIFCharter Representative – James Carcary
  • Scottish Treasurer & Membership – Declan Maguire
  • Scottish Secretary – Gavin Henshelwood 0141 445 1124 / secretary@saifscotland.org

Meeting dates: Please contact Gavin Henshelwood for more details of meetings or to register your places.


  • Administration Manager – Claire Day
  • SAIF Administrators: Angela Camp, Kara Hanrahan, Maria Sherlock and Sam Reynolds.
  • Telephone: 01279 726777 / 0345 2306777
  • Email via the Contact Form

Independent Funeral Directors (IFD) College

  • IFD College Administrator: Sharon Welford
  • Telephone: 01279 726777 / 0345 2306777

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