Update on ensigns as coffin drapes for veterans

April 26, 2018   //   No Comments

SAIF Business Centre thanks Veterans Bereavement Support (VBS) for this update on confusion about the of drapes for funerals of men and women who have served in our armed forces.  Paul Burrows-Gibson of VBS contacted the Ministry of Defence, which confirmed that ‘the Queen’s Regulations (QRs) which stipulate that only the Union Flag may be used to dress a coffin apply only to publicly funded military funerals. Service veterans, irrespective of previous rank, have no entitlement to a military funeral, and can have any flag to dress the coffin including the Royal Navy’s White Ensign and the Royal Air Force Ensign if that reflects the wishes of the deceased and/or the next of kin.’

Paul confirms that ‘the Ensign can be used for funerals of all non-serving members of the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy who have served our country. The army can have the Union Flag or their own regiment drapes. These drapes should be 8ft x 5 ft in size wherever possible.



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