Do you carry out regular checks on your drivers’ licences’ expiry dates?

December 28, 2017   //   No Comments


Photocard licences carry an expiry date which is ten years after they are issued. You’ll find this date after the figures “4b” on the front of the card. This is the date when the photocard needs to be renewed, i.e. a new photo is needed. It must also be updated in between when other details change, such as names or addresses.

Note. The licence underlying the photocard still exists until the age of 70 after which it needs to be renewed every three years.

Warning. It’s estimated that over two million drivers have an out-of-date photocard. Failure to renew one before its expiry date, or when critical information changes such as an address, can lead to a £1,000 fine.

Although paying any penalty for having an out-of-date card will be the responsibility of the individual, when you’re checking cards etc. point out to staff that they should keep their cards in date.