Need to know about data regulation implications for funeral donations? Free webinar for SAIF members on 13th December.

November 30, 2017   //   No Comments

SAIF will be holding a webinar for members on 13th December from 2-3 pm.

Subject: Data regulation implications for funeral donations

Jonathan Davies of The MuchLoved Charitable Trust will update members on all there is to know about recent changes to funeral donations. He will also explain the situation on The General Data Protection Regulation, the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. This regulation gives control back to individuals over their personal data and businesses must comply when it becomes enforceable in May 2018.

The MuchLoved Charitable Trust is a UK based charity that runs the leading tribute website service for bereaved people. Established by Jonathan back in 2000 after the death of his brother and mother, MuchLoved now hosts tribute websites on behalf of over 200,000 people and has helped raise over £30 million for UK charities.

What’s a webinar? The webinar format allows SAIF to deliver relevant information to members at their own desk.  All you need is a PC, laptop or mobile device and internet access.
Who should attend? All SAIF members are welcome to attend.
During the webinar You’ll be able to see and hear the presenter and the presentation and will be able to make comments or ask questions by typing into a chat box.

Booking a place

Only SAIF Members may attend the webinar.  Places are limited so book your free place now. Book online at EventBrite or email SAIF.

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