Free webinars for company directors from HMRC

October 18, 2017   //   No Comments

HMRC offer free interactive webinars and online guides, providing lots of vital information and tips.  The series this week mainly offers help to ensure that your payroll runs smoothly.

Getting payroll information right

In this webinar we’ll help you avoid the common mistakes made by employers, when sending payroll information to HMRC.

Th‌ur‌sd‌ay 1‌9 Oc‌to‌be‌r – 1‌0a‌m to 1‌1a‌m               Book now

How to avoid in-year penalties

Find out why penalties are charged, how much you pay and what to do if you disagree.

Fr‌id‌ay 20 Oc‌to‌be‌r – 1‌1a‌m to 1‌1:45a‌m               Book now

You can ask questions during the webinars – just use the on-screen textbox.